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Study in Cracow!

Cracow (Kraków) lies in the southern part of Poland on the river Vistula, and is one of the largest and most popular cities of Poland. This extraordinary cradle of culture, art and education is famous worldwide for its historic monuments and unique atmosphere, which is why every year thousands of people from around the world come here to study. Thanks to that, Cracow has gained its cosmopolitan character.

Among Polish cities, the university tradition and history has developed most in Cracow. It is the city where, among others, the following outstanding scientists and artists, recognized all over the world, studied: Nicolaus Copernicus, Karol Wojtyła (Blessed Pope John Paul II), Wislawa Szymborska (winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature), Krzysztof Penderecki and Tadeusz Kantor.

Study in Cracow! Study at the Pedagogical University!



Study in Cracow!

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